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Coin Design | EUR 95 plus VAT
Coin Design | EUR 95 plus VAT

Coin Design | EUR 95 plus VAT

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Regular price €95,00 excl. vat per piece
Do you want us to design your coin?
We can prepare the design of your coins for you, and adjust it until you are happy with it. The design generally takes 1 - 3 working days.

The 4 steps to designing your coins:
Step 1: Order "coin design" online.
Step 2: Send us the details we need
Once we receive your order we will send you an instruction on what you need to supply to us. You can see the details below.
Step 3: We send you the design
Within 1 - 3 working days we will send you the 2D design. You can then ask us to make changes. For coins with 3D relief you will also receive a 3D drawing.
Step 4: Give us your approval and we can start production.

What do you need to send us?
We can start the design once we have the following information:

- The size of the coin

- The colour coating for the coin: bronze/copper, silver or gold
- Additional options:  Laser engraving or a milled edge

The following specifications
- Description or sketch of what you want on the front and back
- Text in Word in the font you want to use
- Logos and branding as vector files: .ai, .pfd or .eps.
- High resolution images at 150 dpi.

You can send this information to

Our prices for designing coins:
- Design of the coin: EUR 95 plus VAT 
- Conversion of logos and trademarks to vector files: from EUR 25 plus VAT.
This is needed if logos/trademarks are provided as images in formats such as .jpg, .png, bmp. We convert them into files that we can use.
- Conversion of low resolution photos (less than 150 dpi) EUR 25 plus VAT