Coin set with sample copies
Coin set with sample copies
Coin set with sample copies
Coin set with sample copies
Coin set with sample copies
Coin set with sample copies
Coin set with sample copies

Coin set with sample copies

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Regular price €25,00 excl. vat per piece
Would you like to have coins made with your own design?
But don't you know

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Do you want to have coins/tokens made?
Order our coin set with sample copies!

The coin set consists of:

  • Luxury outer box
  • Velvet gift box
  • Velvet bag with coins in various color finishes
  • 50mm Aurora coin in gold color (modern variant)
  • 40mm Eclipse coin in silver color (classic variant)
  • 30mm Eclipse coin in bronze/copper color (classic variant)
  • Our business card

Advantages of the coin set
Our coin set helps you make the right choice in the type of coin, color, size and accessories.

Order the package and receive it within 3 working days.

The value of this package is €50. Order this package now for only €25! (excluding VAT, including shipping costs)

Customers about our coin set


Thanks to the sample package, we got a much better feeling about the product. Pictures remain abstract. Afterwards we knew exactly what we wanted.

Erik | Circuit Zandvoort

With this sample package we knew which coins to have made. We also saw that the gift boxes matched the coins nicely.

DHL Express

We have had value coins made for our restaurants. This coin set helped us a lot in making a choice.


You can make a good choice with the coin set. Contents:

  • 4 dimensions
  • 2 coin types
  • 6 finishes and
  • 2 accessories.

For answers to all questions, please consult the FAQ page .

What coin sizes, coin types and color finishes are included in the package?

  • In black velvet gift box: 50x3mm Aurora coin in gold color (modern variant)
  • Bottom left: 40x3mm Eclipse coin in silver color (classic variant)
  • Bottom right: 30x2mm Eclipse coin in bronze/copper (classic variant)
  • 20x2mm coins in various finishes in velvet bag:
    Eclipse coins in antique gold, antique silver and antique bronze/copper (these are without capsule). Aurora coins in gold and silver (modern version with capsule).

Is there an example with an engraving?
Yes, the back of the 20mm coins has a laser engraving.

Are the Aurora (modern) coins delivered in capsules?
Yes, these coins come in capsules and the Eclipse (antique) coins do not. The reason is that the Aurora coins are sensitive to scratches due to their smooth surface. However, the capsules can be optionally ordered with the Eclipse coins for €0.30 each.

Are there accessories other than velvet bags and gift boxes?
Yes, on the next page you will find all our accessories: SICQA coin accessories

Can the luxury outer box also be ordered?
Yes, from 100 pieces we can custom make these with a custom size and inlay.

What is the price of the coin set?
The price is €25 excl. VAT and including shipping costs in the Netherlands or Belgium.